In recent years the demand for high quality dementia care has increased and in line with demand Briarlea has been striving to make use of the latest theories, technology and support available to create a supportive and enabling environment for all its residents.

As is the case with old age some residents can experience signs of memory loss and at Briarlea we only seek to support those with the early stages of dementia and not those that are aggressive, rude or attempt to exit the safe environment of the home. The environment at Briarlea has been designed with dementia in mind, so that navigation is easy and surroundings are comfortable and familiar for all. Orientation aids help residents find their way and our living areas have been designed to be relaxing and homely.

Briarlea is well informed in the latest developments in dementia care and should you have any queries regarding our facilities or want to find out more about dementia in general we have specially trained staff who would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or offer any support you may need.

Feel free to download information on the services we offer at Briarlea below.




Rupert Widdows, Resident Welfare Co-Ordinator, In House Dementia Specialist

Rupert is our in house dementia specialist, after completing a 10 day dementia training course with Worcester County Council Rupert developed a keen interest in dementia. He has helped us with many of our improvements in the home and having completed his NVQ Level 5 in Leadership and Management, is currently working through his Degree in Dementia Studies with the UK's leading University in Dementia Research.

If you have any queries related to dementia and the care of your loved ones feel free to arrange an appointment with Rupert to talk through any questions you may have.